Winter Workouts

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Winter Workouts
Winter workouts begin January 15th. We will be hosting various clinics for Winter in preparation for the season. Please note that each weekend looks a little different and we will be adding more dates/times. We plan to have a session each weekend: it can be hitting, defense, pitching, catching, or a combination. Clinics are only open to players who will be participating in the 2023 season.

Please sign up for the level of play designated for your players league age. League age is determined by their age on 12/31/2022. Level of play: Farm 6-8 years old, Minors 9-10 years old, Majors 11-12 years old, and Juniors 13-15. Age is how old they were on 12/31/22.

Clinics will be held at Metro Courts, 1015 NE 82nd Ave (unless noted). The door is locked for safety of players and staff. Please wait outside or in your car with your player until someone opens the door for their session. The gym is closed to parents.

Players need to wear tennis shoes, no cleats allowed at Metro Courts. They will need their glove, bat, helmet, and water bottle. If you do not have a bat or helmet, you may borrow one from the league but you need to contact our Equipment Manager ahead of time by emailing: [email protected].

You must sign up for the clinics by clicking here, space it limited.

Equipment and Uniforms

Equipment Needed: All Players need a glove, and cleats (soccer are acceptable). It is preferred players have their own bat and helmet but they can borrow one from the league for the season if needed. Helmets need to have a cage on them, and should have a chin strap as well. Minors, Majors, and Juniors need fielding masks. These are used when playing the infield and pitching. Batting gloves are optional.

Uniforms: All players are issued a jersey/t-shirt and socks. Farm and T-Ball keep their t-shirt. There is a fee for Jerseys for Minor, Majors, and Juniors. Players will hold onto their jersey for reuse, or to exchange each season. If not returned, there will be a charge for the new jersey. Visors will be available but are optional for players, no charge. Players can keep the jersey at the end of their career. 

Players are responsible for their softball pants. T-ball, Farm, and Minors need black softball pants. Majors and Juniors need Grey (gunmetal or charcoal) pants this year. These can be ordered through 

We have pants and other swag available for purchase online. Please see link below. 

We will be holding an equipment exchange and uniform swaps throughout the season.

Parent Resources

Fall Ball 2022
Click here to read all the info parents need to know for the season.  


Interested in scorekeeping for your team? Each team needs 2 scorekeepers per game. 

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